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Beauutiful Mehndi Design Beauutiful Mehndi Design Reviewed by Meet Patel on September 24, 2008 Rating: 5


Mehndi collection said... brings you the latest mehndi designs in our gallery. Browse through our mehndi pictures and find the perfect bridal, arabic, pakistani, glittered mehndi design for your wedding and learn how to put mehndi on your hands.

Henna by Heather said...

Beautiful designs! I recognize a lot of them, and they were pointed out to me at I wonder if all of the designs you've used have creative commons licenses? Artists can get quite upset if you are using their work without permission...and even have grounds to sue you!...

Lots of mine on my flickr site do have a creative commons licence; feel free to use them if you'd like, as long as you keep the website information on them!

Henna Designs, most with Creative Commons licenses, by Henna By Heather

Henna artist serving Boston, Providence, New York City, and all of the Northeast

Anonymous said...

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Hina said...

Beautiful and clear collection of mehndi designs. As the background is black the pictures are very attractive and clear....

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