The Atlantis Palm Hotel and Resort in Dubai

Dubai possesses already world's most luxury hotel, The Burj al Arab.

Very soon another highest class hotel will be added: the amazing Atlantis The Palm Hotel. It is a hotel with 1729 rooms and 17 restaurants, and will be opened to the public on 24th September. The construction lasted 4 years and cost 1,5 billion dollars.

This hotel is dedicated to water: it has a huge water aquarium under the hotel ( more stocks, 11 billions of water ) and a huge water park near the hotel ( the biggest from Dubai and Middle East ). The 113-acre Atlantis hotel in Dubai is hoping to defy the credit crisis as it opens, with rooms costing up to £13,000 a night.

The Atlantis Palm Hotel and Resort in Dubai The Atlantis Palm Hotel and Resort in Dubai Reviewed by Meet Patel on October 14, 2008 Rating: 5


Anthony said...

Wow the pictures are stunning. To having a stay at this hotel is like dream for anyone. But it is too pricey and not for middle class people. This is just for the Dubai's oil businessman and Arabs.
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peter said...

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