Saturday, April 9, 2011

IPL Cheerleaders 2011: 2011 IPL Cheer Girls Photos, IPL T20 Cheer Queens Pictures

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IPL Cheer Queenss are also one of the attraction on the cricket field when wickets falls, 4-6 been hitted. This time, IPL T20 brings with it a different kind of cricketing thrill – the faster game and the bigger entertainment quotient of IPL. And while till now the cheerleaders wore glamorous western dresses and wielded pom-poms, one of the teams this time has a slightly different kind of cheering happening. Each team have their own Cheer Queens and this is how IPL T20 is popular all over the world. Checkout here 2011 IPL Cheerleaders Photos, DLF IPL T20 Cheer Girls Pictures, DLF IPL T20 Cheer Queen Wallpapers, DLF IPL T20 Cheer Girls Wallpapers, 2011 ILP Cheerleaders Pics & 2011 ILP Cheer Girls Wallpapers.

2011 IPL Cheerleaders Photos2011 IPL Cheerleaders Photos2011 IPL Cheerleaders Photos2011 IPL Cheerleaders Photos

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